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27 February 2000

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Share the Glory of our victorious Woods with the Commemoritive Premiership Medallion

For the low down on Eastwood First Premiership Grand Final Win Click Here

Photos of the Grand Final


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Those Magnificent Men….

After the success of the 1999 1st Grade Premiership, ‘the Woods’ have already been making noises throughout the Rugby World in 2000.

Super Woodies | Missing Woodies | Photos | Interview with…

World Rugby Sevens Tour….

Tim Donnelly, Paul Dineen, Alan McDonald and Jeff Pickthall.

Missing Woodies:

Anthony Reed is out for the season after sustaining a shoulder injury during a U21’s rep game in March.

Dean M is playing rugby in Europe this season.

Adam Leach will fly in to “God’s Country” @ 10.30am on Tuesday 13th June. Back from a few years in England. Don’t know yet if he will don the blue and white this year.

Super Woodies

NSW Waratahs:

Matthew Burke, Scott Staniforth, Daniel Manu, Rod Moore

ACT Brumbies:

Travis Hall, Bill Young

QLD Reds:

Three ex Eastwood players, Scott “Sexual” Fava, Sam Cordingly and Nathan Spooner are in the starting lineup for Queensland



Rick Veitch Loose Head Prop Veitchy “I am a ‘quiet’ man.”

Josh Cullen Hooker Brains, Nuts “I gave myself the nickname Brains.”

Aaron Broughton-Rouse Tight Head Prop Rousie “When I make the Wallabies, I’ll get a name with less syllables.”

Jayson Chang Lock No. 4

“I always blink at the wrong time in photos.”

Chris Stannin Lock No. 5 Scud, Poo “Play Hard & Have Fun!”

Dave Fyday Blind Side Breakaway Fry’s “I can’t sing!”

Dan O’Hara Open Side Breakaway Oha “Life is beautiful!”

Daniel Manu Number 8 Deloris “There is a God!!”

Aaron Patchett Scrum Half Patchy “I want to have fun when I go out!”

Tim Donnelly Fly Half Mini Mi “Will I have the kicking duties this year?”

Matt Miller Winger No. 11 C “I want them to know nothing!”

Paul Dineen Inside Centre Rock Star “Not Much”

Gareth Richmond Outside Centre Richo “I know everything about women!”

Matt Barr Winger No. 14 Manasa “It’s not true what they say about me!”

Peter Miller Full Back Party “I’ll get back to you!”

Aaron Spooner Loose Head Prop Melon

Lee Green Hooker Greenie “Speed & Try Scoring Ability”

Brian McGettigan Tight Head Prop Buddha “Better driver than Brockie”

Sam Short Lock No 4 Shortie one thing I want the world to know:

Ben Walters Lock No 5 Nickname: one thing I want the world to know:

Jamie Flanker Nickname: one thing I want the world to know:

John Norton Open Side Breakaway

Jeff Pickthall Number 8 Picko “South Coast Lowie”

James Lofting Half Back Jimmy “Not much reallybecause I’m English”

Andrew Wisemantel Fly Half Wisey “An excellemt punter!”

Name: Winger Nickname: one thing I want the world to know:

Jonathon McGill Inside Centre Magnum “I like Guiness”

Ben Nelson Outside Centre Dropper “I can catch a ball”

Michael Irvine Winger Mop “I’d prefer to be playing league”

Matt Nilan Full Back Matty “I’m really a 5/8!”

Bill Young Loose Head Prop Melon

Rod Moore Tight Head Prop

Nathan Grice Second Row



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Citibank MasterCard Cup Draw

Eastwood’s Games

Round 1                       		Sat 15th of April 
			West Harbour*CanberraWaratah Rugby StadiumEastwoodSouthern DistrictsTG Millner FieldGordonPenrithChatswood OvalManlyParramattaManly OvalNorthern SuburbsWarringahNorth Sydney OvalRandwickSydney UniversityCoogee OvalEastern SuburbsBYE* Third and Fourth Grade Bye
 Round 2                       		Sat 22nd of April 
Parramatta*CanberraGranville Rugby ParkSydney UniversityManlyUniversity Oval No. 1PenrithEastern SuburbsNepean Rugby ParkSouthern DistrictsGordonForshaw Rugby ParkWarringahEastwoodPittwater Rugby ParkNorthern SuburbsWest HarbourNorth Sydney OvalRandwickBYE* Third and Fourth Grade Bye
 Round 3                       		Sat 29th of April 
CanberraSouthern Districts*Viking ParkEastwoodPenrithTG Millner FieldParramattaNorthern SuburbsGranville Rugby ParkEastern SuburbsRandwickWoollahra OvalManlyGordonManly OvalWarringahSydney UniversityPittwater Rugby ParkWest HarbourBYE* Third and Fourth Grade Bye
 Round 4                       		Sat 6th of May 
	Eastern SuburbsWarringahWoollahra OvalGordonNorthern SuburbsChatswood OvalManly*CanberraManly OvalParramattaRandwickGranville Rugby ParkSydney UniversitySouthern DistrictsUniversity Oval No. 1West HarbourEastwoodWaratah Rugby StadiumPenrithBYE* Third and Fourth Grade Bye
 Round 5                       		Sat 13th of May 
EastwoodParramattaTG Millner FieldSydney UniversityGordonUniversity Oval No. 1PenrithNorthern SuburbsNepean Rugby ParkRandwickWest HarbourCoogee OvalSouthern DistrictsEastern SuburbsForshaw Rugby ParkWarringahManlyPittwater ParkCanberraBYE* Third and Fourth Grade Bye
 Round 6                       		Sat 20th of May 
CanberraRandwick*Viking ParkGordonEastwoodChatswood OvalPenrithManlyNepean Rugby ParkSouthern DistrictWarringahForshaw Rugby ParkEastern SuburbsSydney UniversityWoollahra OvalParramattaWest HarbourGranville Rugby ParkNorthern SuburbsBYE* Third and Fourth Grade Bye
 Round 7                       		Sat 27th of May 
CanberraSydney University*ShanghiWarringahGordonPittwater Rugby ParkWest HarbourEastern SuburbsWaratah Rugby StadiumRandwickPenrithCoogee OvalManlySouthern DistrictsManly OvalEastwoodNorthern SuburbsTG Millner FieldParramattaBYE* Third and Fourth Grade Bye

Round 8                       		Sat 3rd of June 
CanberraWarringah*Viking ParkPenrithWest HarbourNepean Rugby ParkRandwickManlyCoogee OvalSouthern DistrictsNorthern SuburbsForshaw Rugby ParkSydney UniversityParramattaUniversity Oval No. 1GordonEastern SuburbsChatswood OvalEastwoodBYE* Third and Fourth Grade Bye
 10th June Week Off
Round 9                       		Sat 17th of June 
CanberraPenrith*Viking ParkNorthern SuburbsEastern SuburbsNorth Sydney OvalSouthern DistrictsParramattaForshaw Rugby ParkSydney UniversityEastwoodUniversity Oval No. 1WarringahRandwickPittwater Rugby ParkWest HarbourManlyWaratah Rugby StadiumGordonBYE* Third and Fourth Grade Bye
 Round 10                      		Sat 24th of June 
GordonWest HarbourChatswood OvalManlyEastwoodManly OvalNorthern SuburbsSydney UniversityNorth Sydney OvalParramattaPenrithGranville Rugby ParkEastern Suburbs*CanberraWoollahra OvalRandwickSouthern DistrictsCoogee OvalWarringahBYE* Third and Fourth Grade Bye
 Round 11               			Sat 1st of July 
EastwoodEastern SuburbsTG Millner FieldGordonRandwickChatswood OvalNorthern Suburbs*CanberraNorth Sydney OvalWarringahParramattaPittwater Rugby ParkPenrithSouthern DistrictsNepean Rugby ParkWest HarbourSydney UniversityWaratah Rugby StadiumManlyBYE* Third and Fourth Grade Bye
 Round 12                      		Sat 8th of July 
CanberraGordon*Viking ParkEastern SuburbsParramattaWoollahra OvalRandwickEastwoodCoogee OvalManlyNorthern SuburbsManly OvalSydney UniversityPenrithUniversity Oval No. 1West HarbourWarringahWaratah Rugby StadiumSouthern DistrictsBYE* Third and Fourth Grade Bye
 Round 13                      		Sat 15th of July 
Eastwood*CanberraTG Millner FieldParramattaGordonGranville Rugby ParkPenrithWarringahNepean Rugby ParkSouthern DistrictsWest HarbourForshaw Rugby ParkNorthern SuburbsRandwickNorth Sydney OvalEastern SuburbsManlyWoollahra OvalSydney UniversityBYE* Third and Fourth Grade Bye

1st Grade Finals

Finals Week 1			Sat 22nd July

Finals Week 2 			Sat 29th July

Finals Week 3 			Sat 5th August

Finals Week 4 			Sat 12th August

Grand Final 			Sat 19th August			SFS

Eastwoods Games 3pm Saturday unless otherwise statedRd DateOpponent Venue Score115th AprilSouthern DistrictsTG Millner31 -EW18222nd AprilWarringahPittwater Rugby Park329th AprilPenrithTG Millner46th MayWest HarbourWaratah Stadium513th MayParramattaTG Millner620th MayGordonChatswod Oval727th MayNorthern SuburbsTG Millner83rd JuneBYE917th JuneSydney UniversityUni No 1 Oval1024th JuneManlyManly Oval111st JulyEastern SuburbsTG Millner128th JulyRandwickCoogee Oval1315th JulyCanberraTG Millner

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Points Table2001 Mastercard Citibank Cup

First Grade Scores from Each Round | Eastwood’s First Grade Scores | Eastwood’s Club Scoreboard

2001 CITIBANK MASTERCARD COMPETITION TABLE  FIRST PWDLBonForAgPts Northern Suburbs9900730520243Southern Districts9603839124532Sydney university9603630319430Randwick9603625922430Eastwood95041034921930West Harbour9504627623326Eastern Suburbs9504520121425Manly9504425121024Warringah9405825518324Gordon9306115328813Parramatta900951583465Penrith900931404833 RESERVE PWDLBonForAgPts Eastwood9711520710435Randwick9612723017233Northern Suburbs *8512618815128Manly9603326413527Warringah9603322020227Sydney University9504623916026Eastern Suburbs9504620015626Southern Districts *8503320511823West Harbour9306418318016Gordon9306417925916Penrith901821463754Parramatta90091683171 THIRD PWDLBonForAgPts Sydney University990063786342Eastwood961241869330Gordon 9603311210027Manly950441768124West Harbour9513215015124Warringah9504322112723Randwick9513115114423Southern Districts *8404621710822Northern Suburbs *840461366922Eastern Suburbs9216114423011Parramatta 90091573091Penrith90090575100 FOURTH PWDLBonForAgPts Sydney University9711728310037Eastwood9702418511132Manly9612423015930Southern Districts *860242297228Randwick9504719712327West Harbour9504619810026Northern Suburbs *8503417010224Warringah9405520913721Gordon 9405516017121Eastern Suburbs930618722813Parramatta90091622911Penrith90091254411 COLTS 1PWDLBonForAgPts Manly990063488042Eastwood9801423312936Warringah9711627412136Randwick *8512722414129Sydney University *8503631615226Eastern Suburbs9414720618125Southern Districts9405620221222Northern Suburbs9306614517518West Harbour9315417924718Gordon 9306416124216Parramatta900911133491Penrith90090764480 COLTS 2PWDLBonForAgPts Eastern Suburbs990022014038Sydney University *870172595935Eastwood970262429034Warringah9603632611130Gordon960341929628West Harbour9414517516323Southern Districts9405514216521Manly9405315915319Randwick *8215310314013Northern Suburbs9117410722410Parramatta 91172792348Penrith90090395490 COLTS 3PWDLBonForAgPts Eastwood990072806143Sydney University980182878040Warringah970262325834Eastern Suburbs970252669733Gordon 950471798027West Harbour9504317222823Randwick 9504213815022Southern Districts9306417815616Manly9207210424610Parramatta920727721310Northern Suburbs91083722137Penrith 90090104130 C L U B C H A M P I O N S H I P  1stRes3rd4thC1C2C3TOT Eastwood450280150128216102861412Sydney university450208210148156105801357Northern Suburbs6452241109610830141227Randwick45026411510817439441194Warringah3602161158421690681149Manly36021612012025257201145Southern Districts48018411011213263321113Eastern Suburbs3752085552150114661020West Harbour3901281201041086946965Gordon19512813584968454776Parramatta7585462420142Penrith45320400081 COLTS’ CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP C1C2C3TOT Eastwood21610286404 Warringah2169068374 Sydney University15610580341 Eastern Suburbs15011466330 Manly2525720329 Randwick1743944257 Gordon968454234 Southern Districts1326332227 West Harbour1086946223 Northern Suburbs1083014152 Parramatta6242050 Penrith0000 Games to be played: Norths v Souths, Grades Res, 3rd and 4th. Randwick v University, Colts 1 and 2Contact us



With the completion of Round 5, the four grades of Colts have a very handsome result of 19 wins from 20 games. A full day at Granville Oval last Saturday saw First, Second and Third grades doing battle against Parramatta. Firsts and seconds romped home without points being scored against them. Sadly Third Grade met their betters on the day and suffered their first defeat for the season. Meanwhile Fourth Grade continued their outstanding success with a healthy win against Randwick at Larcomb Oval. The Colts will play Gordon at Home this week, Saturday, 20th May. It should be a great day as theWoodies and their old rivals the Highlanders are leading neck ‘n’ neck in the Colts ClubChampionship. SEE YOU THERE!

Results Round 5 13 May, 2000 1st Colts 55 beat Parramatta 0 2nd Colts 33 beat Parramatta 0 Parramatta 28 beat 3rd Colts 19 4th Colts 36 beat Randwick (White) 5

Pics of Colts

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Eastwood Districts Rugby Union 20 September, 1999

Women’s Rugby Union Team

Competition Draw | The Team | About Eastwood Women’s Rugby

Women’s Grand Final to be held at T.G Millner Field on Sat 25th September. Kickoff 4pm. Eastwood Women’s DrawDateVersusGroundTimeResult17/4/99ParramattaGranville Park1000EW14-1924/4/99West HarbourTG Millner1330EW0-671/5/99GordonTG Millner1330 EW15-08/5/99Sydney UniUniversity Oval1330 32-EW715/5/99WarringahTG Millner1330 EW0-8222/5/99ManlyManly Oval1645 14-029/5/99CampbelltownTG Millner1330 38-EW512/6/99DrummoyneTG Millner133050-EW519/6/99EastsWoollahra Oval164522-EW526/6/99ParramattaTG Millner1330EW19-103/7/99West HarbourSt Lukes Field133024/7/99GordonChatswood Oval1645 EW52-031/7/99Sydney UniTG Millner1330 EW22-77/8/99WarringahPittwater Rugby Park1645 26-EW514/8/99ManlyTG Millner1330 EW12-1021/8/99CampbelltownCampbelltown Showground1030 3 – EW1028/8/99DrummoyneTaplin Park14304/9/99EastsTG Millner133011/9-25/9Finals Series

Note: The Points for games are scored in the same way as Super 12. That is 4 points for a win, 0 points for a loss, 2 points for a draw. A bonus point for 4 or more tries, and for losing by 7 or less points.

Eastwood Team to Play Gordon on 1/5/99

Coach: John Hartill

  1. Holly Brimble

  2. Bronia Hamilton

  3. Hannah Horton

  4. Elizabeth Carbutt

  5. Lisa

  6. Alison Smith

  7. Naomi Welch

  8. Cassandra Williams (C)

  9. Sally Bury

  10. Rita Valvasori

  11. Liz Wheeler

  12. Michelle

  13. Luisa Folaki

  14. Kristy Bown

  15. Pip Whiting

 Reserves: Senwella, Kelly, Ann-Marie Bagnall, Amina Bhata, Dianne Fava, Tracy.

Eastwood Women’s Rugby is training now for the 1999 season and are looking for new players to become involved. No experience is required to play this growing women’s sport. If you are interested, you can show up to training on Monday and Wednesday nights 6:30pm at the club or if you have any queries contact the club for more information. One of the great advantages of Rugby Union as a sport is that you do not have to be any particular shape or size to be on the field, from prop to halfback to secondrower, there is a place for everyone. Women from the age of 15 to 40 are involved in the competition. As long as your enthusiastic there is no barrier to playing this great game and having the time of your life with the women of Eastwood Rugby.

As the season progresses information about players will also be included, so keep the Eastwood Districts Women’s Rugby Union webpage in your “favourites” as they prepare for an exciting third season.

Eastwood District Rugby Union Football Club


The Eastwood District Rugby Union Football Club 2000 Committee is:

PRESIDENT Robert Shield


SECRETARY Michael Chapman

TREASURER Bruce Aanensen


RUGBY OFFICER Peter Reed (B) 9654-0001 (P) 9654-1867 Fax 9654-2970



CLUB CAPTAIN (1999) Tim Minogue


GENERAL MANAGER/COACHING DIRECTOR John McKee (B) 9868 2787 0414 818 325 Fax 9868 5756

Coaching Staff and Team Managers

1st Grade John McKee 9868 2787/0414 818 325 Bruce Robinson

2nd Grade Bob Lamaro Jim Feggans

3rd Grade Barry Hellyer Peter Nicholl

4th Grade Graham Harrison Neil Tyler

5th Grade Fred Spark Bill Kennedy

Colts 1 Geoff Hand Phil Young

Colts 2 Steve Broughton-Rouse

Colts 3 John Aldenhoven Frank Walter

Womens Rugby John Hartill

JUNIOR REGISTRAR Lyn Newton 9874 0263

PHYSIOTHERAPIST Melinda Klarenar Northern Districts Physiotherapy 201 Rowe Street Eastwood 9874 8410

Social Functions for 2000 **


VenueMarchMon 27hVP’s Golf DayNorth Ryde Golf CourseAprilSat 15th100 game Grade Player ReunionT.G. MillnerFri 28thSportsman’s LunchMayFri 26thSportsman’s LunchJune10th/ 11thHunter Valley Wine/Golf WeekendHunter ValleyFri 16thSportsman’s LunchJulyFri 14thBledisloe Cup LunchSat 15thBack to Eastwood DayT.G. MillnerAugustFri 25thPresentation Dinner

** Subject to change and confirmation

Premiership Medallion

Eastwood District Rugby Union Football Club is pleased to announce that a medallion to commemorate the 1999 First Grade Premiership win is now available for order by Eastwood Supporters.

The Medallion is gold in colour with the blue and white E D R U F C logo on the front with 1999 First Grade Premiers around the edge. On the back is Shute Shield and Citibank Mastercard Cup. The medallions will also be numbered and come in a blue velvet case. The medallions are priced at $25 each plus $3.50 per medallion if postageis required. Medallions can also be collected at T.G. Millner on match days.

Please allow at least 30 days from the date of order until delivery.

This is a limited collector’s offer – it is planned that orders will only be accepted up to June 30th 2000.

Medallion Order Form

Eastwood Rugby Clubhouse

The Clubhouse is operated by the North Ryde RSL Community Club Ltd with members enjoying the facilities at both Eastwood and the Nothr Ryde RSL Community Club Limited, Magdola Road, North Ryde complex.

At the Eastwood Rugby Club members can participate in the meat raffles on Wednesday and Friday nights. Raffles commence at 7:00pm on both evenings.

Super 12 Rugby Live on Fox Sports is currently showing in the clubhouse. Join in the excitement as the Waratahs continue towards the Final. Details and match times are on display on the club notice board.

The Club Bistro is open for lunch and dinner, Monday to Saturday and has a wide range of meals and special children’s meals. The undercover verandah area of the club is excellent for parent’s to sit and enjoy their meal whilst the kids play on the grassed area in front of the clubhouse.

Club Keno and Eftpos facilities are available for members and guests. With the current Keno 10 Spot Jackpot at over One Million Dollars why not have a flutter on your next visit to the club.

Function Bookings are available in club at all times. If you are interested in having a 21st or other birthday party, engagement, wedding or work function please call the club on 9868 4222.

If we have the required date available, we would welcome the opportunity to quote on your requirements.

TRADING HOURSLunchDinnerMonday12.00 – 11.00PM12.00 – 2.00Tuesday12.00 – 11.00PM12.00 – 2.006.00 – 8.30PMWednesday12.00 – 11.00PM12.00 – 2.006.00 – 8.30PMThursday12.00 – 11.00PM12.00 – 2.006.00 – 8.30PMFriday12.00 – 11.30PM12.00 – 2.006.00 – 8.30PMSaturday11.00 – Midnight12.00 – 2.006.00 – 8.30PMSunday12.00 – 8.00PMCLOSED


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